Thursday, February 11, 2016

QR Codes!

I just discovered using QR codes in centers and I'm so excited about it!  I decided to try something different with the classroom IPADS, so I created some task cards that have QR codes on them.  They had a task to do after scanning and I couldn't believe how engaged my kids were. 

I made literacy and math activities because the apps that I had on there were not engaging anymore.  Kindergarten kids need novelty.  That's when I decided to switch things up with the IPAD center.

I introduced the QR task cards in one of our math centers because I needed something new for them.  The kids each have their own IPAD in this center and they took turns pulling a card and scanning it.  Then they had to do what the code told them and record it on their recording sheet.  They LOVED it!  I also put thin markers in that center because kids loving using markers whenever they can.

If you want to try QR codes in your centers, you won't be disappointed!  Check them out here:

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