Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sight Words!

We're learning sight words in kindergarten.  Each student is given a set of ten words at at time.  Every time they master their set of words, they get to move up the sight word wall in class.   I know as a teacher that kids learn sight words in different ways and at different times.  I knew that my daughter was going to have to learn sight words by making them make sense to her.

Here are some ways I'm helping my kindergarten daughter learn her words at home.

We put them all around the house.  I tried putting them in places that made sense to her. We put "in" in the cabinet.  She now remembers this word.

This sight word reminds her of pizza, so we put it on the oven.
Okay, so sometimes I tell her to run around the house to read all the sight words.  
I know she still needs help when she runs right past "that".  We're going to keep working on "that".

I also created a slideshow with the words in context. She needed the words to make sense to HER.  So, we created this together.  I printed it out too so we can play games with the words.

Click {HERE} to view & edit it if you'd like!

Thanks for stopping by!  Do you teach sight words in a creative way?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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