Sunday, August 30, 2015

Writing at the Beginning of Kindergarten

So, it's the beginning of kindergarten and we're off to a GREAT start!  Writing is developmentally a tricky skill for young kiddos.  My goal is to build confidence in my young students and to be patient!  Kids come in at all different levels.  
Here's what worked for me the second week of school:

We were working on writing about ourselves.  Our district uses Write from the Beginning, so we use start out by using paper that has just one line on it.  The picture goes above the line and the words go below.  We model how to draw a good picture and I always tell them to include at least 5 details (they get really good at this as the year progresses).  We focus A LOT on the picture in the beginning, since that's where most of their confidence is going to build.  We also ONLY use a pencil during writing time.  We see more details when kids use just a pencil.

 I gave each student a sentence strip with their sentence on it.  I highlighted between each word for them to cut.  This allowed them to visually see that a sentence is made up of words.  We always count the words in our sentence before we start writing.  This skill is so important!  

I modeled how to show that you're inside by drawing lights.

They put these in their pencil pouches to use all week.  Most kids pulled them out and used them for writing.  Some kids didn't need to use them, but they were available.   

What are your tips/tricks for teaching writing at the beginning of kindergarten?

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  1. I am a Phoenix kindergarten teacher completely agree that Writing is a tricky skill for young kiddos. It’s really hard to teach writing to them but it is quite fun too. Personally I always use the fun activities to teach them reading and writing.