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We are now in our second week of kindergarten and have started working on rhyming.  Every year, I notice that kids either get the concept right away or they just don't!  I'm always looking for new ways to help those struggling with rhyming.

Rhyming is important to teach at a young age because kids listen for sounds in words and begin to understand that some words have a pattern.  Rhyming is non-threatening.  Kids don't need to produce anything on paper and they don't need to know the letter names.  They just need to listen and try to hear the same sounds at the end of words.  It should be taught in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.  Rhyming is an important skill that helps young kids begin to learn how to read.

This week I've read short rhyming poems and books to let the kids listen for words that sound the same at the end.  We've done songs and chats, and played some rhyming games.

I called some kids one up at a time and they had to whisper two rhyming words to me.  Then they shout them to the class & the class had to repeat the rhyming words.  I did this with 5 different kids and they loved it!  Probably because I told them to yell.  :) 

I like to start out with a song to get the kids excited and ready to learn!  Here's one that they love.

Here are some other activities that I've found helpful:
Kids take turns rolling the rhyming dice and color a picture that rhymes. Kids love to roll dice in centers! :)

Rhyming clip cards. They have to clip the pictures that rhyme with the picture in the circle.  I tried this in a center, but I need to use this in a small reading group.

Rhyming flip book
Match the rhyme by cutting and gluing.  My kids are doing a great job with this skill!

Kids have to color the words that rhyme and glue it on their rhyming crown.
I'm a tad bit obsessed with making crowns.  I just feel like it's a nice way for everyone to see what we're learning at school.  This is how I like to wrap up the day. :)

I like to use some puzzles at the beginning of the year too.  This one is form Lakeshore and the kids have enjoyed playing it.  I love Lakeshore puzzles!

You can check out my store {HERE} for these rhyming activities.  If you have some rhyming resources that you've found helpful, I'd love to hear about them!

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