Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beginning of the Year Centers!

I love the beginning of a new school year because it's all about exploring with our hands.  I just wanted to share a few of my favorites for the beginning of kindergarten!

1. Play dough Names 

Kids decorate their name tags and then I laminate and put in centers.  They can pick a friends name too if they finish their own.

2. Name Tracers

I put these in sleeve protectors. When the kids finish their work throughout the day they can work on writing their name for extra practice.


3. Salt Letters

I made uppercase, lowercase, number, and shape cards for kids to use during literacy and math centers.  They take turn pulling a card from the bag and making it in the salt. The rule is to make it three times before they can pick another card. Grab your salt cards {HERE}.

4. Shower Curtain Letter Matching

The kids love to match letters on the shower curtain.  I can't remember where I purchased the bean bags, but they're a big hit with 5 year olds!

5. Play dough Numbers

The tricky part about having play dough in a center is making sure they are actually using the play dough to complete the task.  Kids just love getting their hands into play dough! :) You can find these cards {HERE}.

6. Alphabet Matching with Banana Tiles

This alphabet matching game is easy to set up and kids enjoy playing it!  The banana tiles are from Target. This is part of my Back to school {Bundle}.

7. Number Practice

Number practice using a protective sleeve and expo marker.  Grab this {HERE}.

8. Count & Clip

I keep this center around for a while.  It's great for fine motor as well as counting. I actually spray painted enough close pins for each set of cards.  I have 4 kids at a table, so I made four different colored sets.  I liked doing it this way so there weren't any arguments about getting close pins. :)  Grab your free set {HERE}.

9. 1, 2, 3 FLIP

 This game is played like the popular game, "War".  Each player has a stack of cards 1-10 OR 1-20 depending on your class.  Both players flip over the top card & whoever has the larger number gets both cards.  I made each set to include numerals and ten frames, so kids can compare numbers along with ten frames.
Click {HERE} to check it out!

If you're looking for more activities, crowns, games, printables for the beginning of the year, check out my back to school pack.

Have a fantastic school year!

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