Friday, August 29, 2014

Who's Who Blog Hop!


Hey everyone!  Happy Labor Day weekend!!

I'm Amy & I'm part of the Who's Who Blog Hop. I'm here to share my tips of how to get your kids to work together.  

Tip # 1:  Have a classroom incentive. In my kindergarten class we have a bucket where I add colorful pom poms every time my class does something great as a whole.  

I read this book at the beginning of every year and start my classroom bucket.

*Ways to get the bucket filled:  
*coming to the carpet before I count down to 0
*getting to work right away
*working hard as a class
*working hard in small groups
*getting a class compliment from other teachers OR the principal
*walking great in line

When the bucket gets filled they earn an ice cream party or whatever works for your class... maybe a popcorn/movie day?

Tip #2:  Have Table Captains.  This person is in charge of their tables.  They need to make sure it is clean and ready for the next activity.

Tip #3: Have classroom jobs.  I have 8 different jobs each week.  The kids help take care of all the moving pieces of our classroom.  They feel important in their roles and take them seriously!  This builds a sense of belonging in the classroom.
*Door Holder
*Line Leader
*Lunch Helper
*Pledge Leader
*Paper Passer
*Teacher Helper
*Calendar Helper

Here's a FREEBIE to use in your whole group reading.  I use it in my kindergarten classroom as a learning tool & a way to get my kids to work together to finish the game. 

The game is called "I Have, Who Has?"

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Hop on over to Tamra and Sarah's Blog for more great tips and resources!  Thanks for hopping over to my blog.  Have a great year!



Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to School SALE!

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