Monday, July 14, 2014

My Very First Post!!

Vegas, Baby!!  First, I am so excited to have my brand new blog.  What an added bonus to make my very first post all about the craziest place on Earth, Vegas!  So, let me just start by saying that I've been looking forward to this Vegas trip for months.  I knew it's what I HAD to do even though I knew NOBODY!

I was lucky to meet the founder of TPT, the millionaire of TPT, and the TPT "crew" who make everything function properly on the site.  It was truly inspiring, heart-lifting, & motivating.  I got to see that all those VIP's are just like us, real down-to-earth people.   It was also pretty powerful to be sitting in a room filled with over 700 energetic positive teachers!

Left to Right: Debroah from Happy Edugator, John - TPT CEO, Leslie from Page Protector Printables, and me :)

THE Amy from TPT support and me!

What an amazing conference & I can't wait for next summer.  I'm sure it'll be even bigger and better! 


  1. Great post! I am so jealous! I made a deal that if I make $1000 in sales this year, I will go to Vegas next year too!

  2. Awww, that's a great goal... It's definitely something to look forward to :)