Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dollar Tree!

Okay, so I'm one of those teachers who really never stops thinking about school.  I think about how I can organize and change things up for the new school year.  I've been working on A LOT of projects this summer, while also trying to squeeze in fun time.  Man, is that tricky!!  

Well, today we ventured into The Dollar Tree!  I promised my kids that I would get them a little toy.  I know whatever they pick out won't cost me an arm and a leg. Ha!  I became the cool mom today when I allowed each kid to get 2 things.  Man, were they excited.  I heard one of them say as we were leaving, "I love that store"! 
Here's why I love the Dollar Tree:
I seriously get excited when I see these in the store.  My mind goes crazy thinking about all the possibilities!

I'm pretty sure my school closet is filled with these!
I always need googly eyes.  I love the colorful ones here!
I am obsessed with these!  They hold a deck of cards perfectly.  Very kid friendly!!

I love the grips on these.  They're perfect for the kids lunches. 

I know I'll put my new things to good use!  I forgot to get my little white board erasers (facial scrubbers 3 pack) for my class, so I'll be back for more! If you have any must haves from The Dollar Tree let me know!


  1. So you got the yellow/grey design! Cute, I saw it on FB. I like the color combo.

    I need to go grab some of those containers for my daughter's lunch this year. I actually have so many "bins" that I gave some away last year (gasp!).
    This Little Piggy Reads

    1. Hi! Thanks, I love this color combo too :)
      Those containers are seriously awesome for little hands to open & close! Only teachers can get that excited about bins/containers/baskets. Ha!

  2. I found your blog on the TpT forum. After seeing your pics from the Dollar Store, I have to ask......were we separated at birth???? I LOVE bins (too much). I have to sneak them into the house so the hubby doesn't see them but I just can't resist! Your pic made me happy :)

  3. LOL! That's hilarious... I'm the same way, but now I have to hide them from my teaching partner. She keeps me organized!

  4. I looked like a crazy lady buying up bins for my classroom library. I am obsessed with Dollar Tree and my local thrift store, I love a good bargain.

    Anchored in Learning